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Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the overall health of the people on the Rosebud Reservation by providing access to preventative and restorative dental services.

About The Clinic

At St. Francis Mission, we have a vision of adequate dental health for all people on Rosebud Reservation. In 2013, we opened the St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic to give Lakota adults and children the dental care they have long needed. A recent American Dental Association study found that 90 percent of the Lakota people on Rosebud Reservation have chronic tooth decay or gum disease. This dental health crisis is the result of living in one of the poorest counties in the United States.

Volunteer dentists and assistants, some of them from the School of Dentistry at Creighton University, are providing many services in the St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic. These services include dental exams, x-rays, fillings, cleanings, treatments, follow-up checkups, and education in preventive care.

Most people on Rosebud Reservation, especially children, have never seen a dentist and have never learned how to care for their teeth. The St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic is providing treatment first to the youngest children, then working up in age, with priority to anyone with an urgent need. There is a focus on preventive care and dental health education.

The clinic was founded through the philanthropy of Dr. Jack Boarini and his dentist sons. The Boarinis spread the word about the dental needs on Rosebud Reservation and inspired many dentists to donate equipment. By their efforts, and gifts from many others, Rosebud Reservation has an operational four-chair dental clinic with a license to treat patients through Dr. John Kharouf of Rapid City, South Dakota.


  • Serve all patients and not deny services based on a person’s:
    • Race
    • Color
    • Sex
    • National origin
    • Disability
    • Religion
    • Sexual orientation
    • Inability to pay
  • Accept ALL insurance, including:
    • Medicaid
    • Medicare
    • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • We here at the St. Francis Mission host volunteer Dentists who donate their time. Being that we can only host clinics when those providers are available we like to find specified times for each patient and unfortunately we can only service a short list of patients during those provider visits but appreciate individuals respect the time available during those clinic times.Anyone interested in attending an up-coming clinic, please call for inquiries.
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Service Area

  • 20,000 Tribal Members
  • 22 Communities
  • 900,000 Miles

Dental Need

  • 40% of Children and 60% of adults on Rosebud Reservation have moderate to urgant dental need
  • 1,000 Native American Children were treated under general anesthesia (for year 2012)
  • 200 people on surgical waiting list
  • Highest dental decay rate in the nation
  • Hygienist per Population ratio is 1:2,000