Donating Supplies

Because we are a Dental Clinic, we have to make sure that the donated equipment is compatible. Please contact us before purchasing

Needed Equipment:

  • High Speed Handpieces
  • Slow Speed Handpieces
  • Slow speed shorty motor(s)
  • Endo and Surgical Handpieces
  • CEREC for Chairside Crowns
  • Statim Sterilizer
  • Periosteal Elevators
  • Endodontic Supplies
  • Ultrasonic Bath
  • XCP ring and metal guide
  • Kodak digital xray sensors
  • Lab equipment (Electronic lab handpiece, Therma bath, Denture flask hydraulic press, Denture Flask upper and lower, Denture wash out curing system, Denture Teeth plastic or porcelain, NuWave pressure cooker to process dentures on sight)
  • Prophy Handpiece
  • Cavitron or Piezo Scalers
  • Fingertip pule oximeter
  • Automatic blood pressure cuff
  • Triodent posterior composite matrix

If you are interested in donating supplies, please contact one of the following:

Marty Jones, RDH
605-747-2142 or 605-319-1275

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