Visitor Accomodations

Meals can be provided with advance notice. Breakfast is generally basic, includes cereal, bacon and eggs furnished at the guesthouse. Lunch is supplied at the clinic around noon. Dinner supplies are furnished in addition, however a a notice of how many needs to be pre-planned. If you have any special dietary requirements, it would be best if you brought what you need as there are few groceries available on the reservation.

Guesthouse Info:

  • Guesthouse #1 (old guest house) sleeps 11 and guest house #2  (new guest house) sleeps 7
  • Washer and dryer available
  • Jack & Jill Bathrooms
  • Common living room and kitchen area
  • Furnished necessities (kitchenware, soap, bedding)


  • Local high school track available for walking and running within walking distance
  • Museum on campus
  • KINI Radio Station near campus
  • Purple Church on campus
  • Local dinning establishment (Kilgore Bar and social club 16 miles from campus or various eating establishemtnts 37 miles from campus in Valenitne Nebraska)
  • Niobrara Scenic River
  • Valentine,NE
  • Golf nearby in Mission SD Prairie Hills Bar and Grill 20 miles away OR 17 mi from Valentine NE is the Prairie Club including three unique courses

Clinic Accommodations:

  • Five operator chairs
  • Digital x-rays
  • Experienced staff
  • High and Low- Speed handpieces
  • Composite/ Amalgam
  • Hand files for Endo
  • Product for Prosthetic



St. Charles Borommeo

St. Charles Borommeo



living room 2

Living Room 2

living room 1

Living Room 1




Guest House

Dining Room

Dining Room


Bedroom 2

Dental Exam Chair

Dental Exam Chair

Dental Exam Area With Computer

Dental Exam Area With Computer

Dental Hand Tools

Dental Dental Hand Tools